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Fraser Anderson Merch

CD 'Coming up for air'

CD 'Coming up for air'

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Fraser Anderson's second studio album released 2007

"If you get a chance to see this man perform live, take it with both hands and don't let go. His voice is singular on CD . . live he makes the hairs stand up all over - not just on the back of your neck!

Fraser doesn't receive the airplay he deserves, despite some high profile support slots (including Chuck Berry) and radio sessions. This may be because, like his previous album, 'Coming Up for Air' doesn't fit neatly into the 'folk' genre (or any other for that matter) yet demands attention, so don't stick it on the CD player while you're cleaning the house - put aside some serious time with the volume turned up a little and the doors closed and get lost in what I can only describe as an ocean of lyrical and musical genius.

This is serious, demanding music that rewards the listener over an extended period of time. I bought his album because I saw him play one track, 'Laces', live. It is the best spontaneous purchase I have ever made."  five stars *****from John on Amazon

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